Rockwood Music Hall, December 2018

Rockwood Music Hall, December 2018

COMFORT GIRL is a musical exploration of the lives of Chinese 'comfort women' who were abducted into sexual slavery by the Japanese army during WWII. The work is a tribute to these young women’s incandescent courage and indomitable spirit, not only while in captivity during the War but also—in a cruel irony—when they returned home to their families, who didn’t always welcome them back with open arms. It is a story of an often-overlooked, dark chapter in history, which at its core is a story about humanity. Click for more info and a video trailer.


Avatar Studios, June 2013

ASYMPTOTE is out now!  Click here for more info and an EPK video. Fresh arrangements of Chinese classics including "The Moon Represents My Heart" and "Kangding Love Song," a tongue-twister about Eating Grapes, a setting of Li Bai’s most famous poem, and songs influenced by my love of mathematics and literature.


Michiko Studios, June 2014

Inspired by Steph's work with the Columbia University Business School's Executive Education Jazz Leadership seminars, these unique programs unpack the nuances of communication and creative collaboration through an exploration of improvisational jazz.  This interactive, entertaining, and practical session—part workshop, master class, performance, and conversation— is perfect for corporate retreats or stand-alone professional development programs. 

Throughout history and across the globe, music has been at the center of community building. Research continues to demonstrate the unique power of music, and jazz in particular, to make meaning together at a level that transcends language. Our mission is to bring this power to groups of all kinds, from business meetings to hospital teams, from education to social service, from large organizations to intimate gatherings.

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Horace Mann School, 2017

Horace Mann School, 2017

This workshop is an interactive discussion on the intersections between music and math.  With a focus on harmonic structure, this session give an introduction to set theory and tone rows, and the use of mathematics as a source of inspiration for composers in the past.  This is perfect for classrooms, corporate retreats, or stand-alone professional development programs, and can be given as a solo lecture or with a band.

Through the use of live demonstrations, we discuss how knots, braids, and other mathematical concepts form the mathematical underpinnings of music from my first album, Prime Knot.  We also give an introduction to musical set theory and tone rows, and relate musical "operations" to mathematical "formulas." Participants compose their own pieces; no musical background is required.

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