Kangding Love Song - an arrangement of a traditional Chinese song about horse races, the city of Kangding in the Sichuan Province, and teenage courtship.


Eating Grapes - based on a popular tongue-twister. "If you eat grapes, you spit out the peels. If you don't eat grapes, you don't spit out the peels."


In the Moon (You'll See My Heart) - a translation, reharmonization, and new version of Teresa Teng's pop classic. Features a quote form the well-known folk song, Song of the Yi People.


Asymptote - a love song and metaphor between asymptotic functions (two curves that get infinitely close to each other but never touch) and people


Penelope - an ode to Penelope, from Odysseus's perspective, as he spends 10 years away in the Trojan War and another 10 years to reach his home Ithaca


General's Command - an arrangement of Wang Chang Yuan's version for solo guzheng, a piece I listened to often as a child in the back of my Mom's car.


Fragment - an improvisation recorded between tunes


Quiet Night Thought - a setting of Li Bai's most famous poem


Making Tofu - text is from a limerick I learned from a Malaysian babysitter. The piece is an allegory on how life is like making tofu with your bare hands.


In the Forest - a song about desperation and looking for lost love, inspired by the woods in my hometown


Moon Recrudescence - a reprise of "In the Moon (You'll See My Heart)", and features some of the original Chinese lyrics to the song