Winter 2014-2015

Mixing Session, Jan 2015

December 2014- I went back to Vinegar Hill Sound to record the final song on my album, which is for guitar, viola, and voice. Really happy with how this one turned out.

January 2015- Mixing the entire record! It's been a long journey and I am excited to hear how everything is taking new shape and gelling together. In the next few months I will be preparing the release of the record, stay tuned!

September 2014

Halsey Pond, Irvington NY

Halsey Pond, Irvington NY

September is my favorite month to be in NY.  I'm going into the studio to film some live performance videos with Octavia, and also continuing edits and mixing my record.  Stay tuned for a lot of new video footage from my recording session with my band, duo project, a music video filmed in my hometown, and executive coaching workshops!


Welcome To My New Website

Dubway Studios, 2012

Dubway Studios, 2012

Take a look around, let me know what you think!

I’ve been editing and overdubbing parts on my new record for the past year since I recorded with the band in June 2013.  We also recorded some additional songs in June 2014. The album and some new music videos are nearing completion; I can't wait to share them with you!

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